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Taiwan Labor Groups Demands 5% Salary Hike; Employers Say Do Not Exceed 3%

The Ministry of Labor will hold a basic wage review committee on Wednesday (Aug 14) as different labor groups in Taiwan march and hold a press conference demanding at least a 5% increase in minimum basic wages.

The Ministry of Labor of Taiwan responded to the increase by the review committee and will have the officials and members from different groups of organization, laborers, employers, ministry officials to tackle the minumum wage increase.

A labor official said that as far as the current laws and regulations are concerned, foreign migrant workers work in Taiwan and wages should be guaranteed by basic wages. 

International labor and relevant foreign labor laws also do not allow foreign migrant workers to set lower wages which is current at NT$23,100.

Taiwanese employers kept saying that economic growth was highly affected by the US-China trade war, addin an 5% increase will bring trouble for small and medium business scale in Taiwan. That is why employers appealed to the basic wages to increase by 5%.

Employers have made it clear that they do not want to raise their basic wages. Though the employers if its the law, the increase rate should be no more than 3%.


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