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Parents see all of their eight children finished various courses in college from farming

Farming is not a joke and is one of the hardest job in the world. To raise their eight children, couple farmer  Diosdado Cataraja Sr.  and Libelita Tauto-an Cataraja from San Remigio, Cebu do what it takes for their children.

Today, all of their eight children were professionals who have completed various courses. The Cataraja children finished with nurse, police, architect, marine officer, accountant, teacher and engineers.

That's why their eldest son, Jovy Cataraja-Albite, expressed his gratitude and love for his parent in a Facebook post. According to Jovy she didn't expect to get them to this point, especially since they had almost no food for the day to day.

The children said that they are so proud to their hardworking parents even they are farmers and currently their family is on the way of financial recovery.  Hopefully their story of perseverance will also inspire others in the face of life's trials. (Photos by Jovy Cataraja-Albite)



  1. bastos na intsik yan dapat diyan pugutan nang ulo.
    sana all katulad nila magaganda na matulingin pa gid bless

  2. wow,sana lahat nang parents kagaya nila hindi alintana ang hirap sa pag sasaka mapatapos lang abg mga anak,
    sana all parents ay gagaya nila gid bless po at mabuhay kayo


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