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Taiwan crackdowns owners selling face masks and sanitizers in claw machine game

Taiwan officials have condemned people trying to sell surgical masks and disinfectants in claw machines and are warning of swift punishment for those caught in the act.

Claw machine operators may face big fines after vendors were found hawking medical products in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

At least 40 claw machines have been caught selling surgical marks and hand sanitizers in the city of Taipei, Liberty Times reported.

Apart form face mask, sanitizers that are inside the crane game will als be penalized and it is a violation of Article 27 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

If a hand sanitizer product has a medical equipment license number, it is considered medical equipment said Chen Yi-ting head of the Taipei Department of Health. It would result in a fine ranging between NT$30,000 and NT$2 million.

Chen then emphasized that members of the public should wear face masks in crowded areas and wash their hands as often as possible to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


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