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Man in Kaohsiung bought 4,600 pieces of plastic bags for NT$1 each with invoice receipt

A man in Kaohsoung reportedly bought 4,600 pieces of plastic bags which he collected for the months of September and October, all of the plastic bags have invoice receipt and have high chances of winning in Taiwan's receipt lottery.

The man bought the 4,600 plastic bags in Carrefour for NT$1 each and according to reports 30 inboice receipts won in the lottery.

In response, officials of the Ministry of Finance stated that the lottery has uniform invoice regulations, as long as consumers stated the facts of consumption and issue the invoice truthfully. Only 0 yuan and with negative amounts are those cannot be redeemed.

Officials added that there are frequent incidents of invoice receipt laundering recently, amendments to the uniform invoice will not be considered.

The man reportedly won a total NT$8,400 for the 30 invoice receipts winning NT$200 and NT$500 from Sept and Oct.


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