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Temperature in Taiwan may drop to 14 degrees by weekend

CWB mentioned that the latest model simulation shows that from the evening of the 27th to the 30th, more cold air will flow southward than the previous wave. There will be partial rain in the north and east half of the country on the windward side, and the north coast, northern mountains and northeast.

From the 28th to the 30th, there is a probability that the minimum temperature at the flat ground station will drop to 14, 15 degrees in the morning and at night.


CWB pointed out that this wave of cold air is slightly stronger than the previous wave, and northern Taiwan feels wet and cold.


There will be some short-term rain in the eastern half and there will be occasional chances of sporadic rain on the eastern side of Greater Taipei, temperatures in various places will rise slightly before dropping at 27th.


As of Nov 24th in the morning, the lowest temperature at the flat ground station was 17.5 degrees in Sanwan Township, Miaoli, and 17.6 degrees in Emei Township, Hsinchu.


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