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Taiwan announced winning combinations for round 09-10 receipt lottery

The winning numbers for the months of September - October  (09-10 round) of the Taiwan receipt lottery was announced by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) including the lucky combination for the NT$10 million special prize.

Check below for the winning combinations:

Winning number for the NT$10 million special  prize: 


Winning number for the NT$2 million grand prize: 


Winning numbers for the First Prize:




First prize for matching all digits earns NT$200,000 then right order or the last order number of seven digits can receive NT$40,000, six digits NT$10,000, five digits NT$4,000, four final digits in the right order NT$1,000, and with the three last numbers right NT$200.

Winning numbers for the additional prize of NT$200 matching the last three digits are:

651, 341

Congratulations to all winners!


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