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Infected COVID-19 sailor roam in Miaoli's Toufen and in a scenic area in Hsinchu

One of the navy ship personnels which was confirmed with COVID-19 had strolled around Miaoli and Hsinchu with girlfriend and family without knowing he is already infected with the virus.

Here are the places where the infected COVID-19 patient went last April 17:

1. Wuhuama Dumpling Toufen 4/17(Fri) 12:00- 13:00 

2. Hsinchu Scenic Area 4/17 (Fri) 14:00-17:00 

3. Pxmart Toufen Zhongyang Road Egg area and Camphor pill area 4/17(Fri) 18:00-18:10

4. Shimamura on 4/17(Fri) 18:10-18:20 

Miaoli County urged that the personnel of the Navy ship should be arranged by the central government to be placed in a centralized quarantine station.

According to Miaoli County mayor, ifpeople come back from abroad and have symptoms such as fever and coughing discomfort, they should actively inform the quarantine staff of the airport and port and cooperate with the epidemic prevention measures to implement the 14-day home quarantine.


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