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Taiwan willing to share knowledge and give advice with Philippines in fight with COVID-19

In fight against COVID-19, Taiwan has built around 20,000 hospitals and clinic which outnumber convenience stores by more than half, said Taipei City government spokesman, Tai-Chu Chou.

With the numerous health care facilities, the island nation also offers medical services which is worldly recognized as the best with only $5 average check-up cost.

The public would not even have to worry for the risk of community spread within the hospitals because the hospitals have limit the size of work units but constantly remaining the staff-patient ratio. The government has also raised stricter cleaning and disinfecting regulations in the hospital areas.

Aside from this, Taiwan also came up with its own government-mandated COVID-19 tracking system which they are willing to share to the Philippines according to Chou.

“If the Philippine government needs this kind of professional knowledge, I guess our government will be willing to share with you how to apply this kind of device,” Chou said in an online forum.

Choud added, in dealing with the pandemic governments should prepare for a "long-term war" because "more enemies maybe on their way."

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