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Marvelous display of lights from Taiwan’s Firefly viewing season in the capital’s public parks

People may visit Taipei's Daan Forest Park, Muzha Park, and Rongxing Park to see fireflies in its lighting season according Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) of the city, CNA reported.

The firefly season was originally slated to be held from April 13 to May 3 at various parks across the city, the PSLO said.

PSLO officials reminded visitors, to not set loose any animals or plant any seeds in any of the park's ecological ponds to prevent the dying out, which could devastate the fireflies' food supply and natural habitat. People should also refrain from using flashlights or camera flashes to avoid disturbing the natural wildlife, PSLO added.

Fireflies are very sensitive to light pollution, especially light wavelengths between 360 nanometers and 420 nanometers or between 550 nanometers and 580 nanometers, which can seriously disrupt their ability to reproduce.

Fireflies are winged beetles that produce intermittent light from their lower abdomen. Today, there are about 2,000 firefly species found mostly in moisture and humid regions of Asia.

Meanwhile, the annual firefly season in Taipei with its many events and activities are called off due to restrictions imposed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic though visitors may still visit the parks.


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