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Face mask buyers in Taiwan soon be able to pre-order at convinience stores nationwide

Residents in Taiwan will be soon have the option of pre-ordering their surgical face masks at the four major convenience store chains in the country, according to a Cabinet official.

Buyers will be able to pre-order their ration of nine (9) masks every two weeks at Family Mart, 7-Eleven, OK Mart, and Hi-Life convenience stores

It will start by April 22 and buyers must present their National Health Insurance (NHI) cards, added by the official.

Pre-ordering at convenience stores is expected to ease the congestion at NHI-affiliated pharmacies, where people usually have to wait in long lines to buy their ration of masks.

Buyers will have the option to also choose between PX Mart and Simple Mart for delivery of the orders. The methods of the payment for the pre-ordering system will be announced soon.

Since the mask rationing program started Jan. 31, the quota for each person has been increased from two to three per week and then to nine per fortnight.

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