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Battle tanks of Taiwan seen rolling in Yilan as part of its "Military Exercise"

Battle tanks of Taiwan were spotted rolling the streets of Yilan on Wednesday (March 25), as cross-strait tensions rise in the midst of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

On Wednesday is the third day of military exercises being held across Taiwan with four army M60A3 tanks took part in a training exercise in Yilan County's Yuanshan Township.

The drill was meant to improve the combat effectiveness of the Taiwan Army according to Taiwan's Military News Agency.

The purpose of the exercise was to train tank crews to find ways of protecting and concealing themselves during the first wave of attacks.

The drill improves the army's ability to "conceal, cover, camouflage, deceive, and maneuver," according to Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan.

The sights of the tanks in Taiwan are surprisingly rare even tension against China always on hand.


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