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Taiwan's COVID-19 cases now climbs to 267 with new 15 infections

Health Minister and CECC head Chen Shih-chung on Thursday (March 26) announced 15 new cases of COVID-19, all of which were imported,bringing the total to 267.

Chen said that the new cases which include six women and nine men ages from 10 to 60 years old  had recently visited the following countries and regions: the U.S., the UK, the Philippines, Australia, and Central and South America.

Chen said that seven of the latest cases had returned from the U.S., while six had recently traveled to the UK, all of whom had either gone abroad for work or school. 

Their dates of entry into the country ranged between March 15 and 25, while the dates of disease onset ranged from March 8 to 25.

Out of the country's 267 cases, 227 were imported, while 40 were domestic, according to CECC data. Two people have died from the disease and 30 have been released from hospital quarantine.

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