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Taiwan military is prepared for any attack from China, says defense minister

Taiwanese defence ministry official Chang Guan-chung said that Taiwan's military is well prepared in the event of any attack from Beijing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“At the height of outbreak of the pandemic worldwide, if the Chinese Communists attempted to make any military adventure leading to regional conflict, they would be condemned by the world, and regardless of what would happen, we are all ready and have made the best preparation for this,” said Taiwan’s vice defence minister Chang Guan-chung.

The defense minister was speaking during a legislative session when lawmakers asked him how the defence ministry viewed recent activities by mainland China and the United States in and around the Taiwan Strait, in a report by SCMP.

Taiwan’s air force scrambled fighter jets to shadow, intercept and disperse the PLA warplanes through radio warnings during each approach by the mainland’s planes, according to the ministry.

The US sends two B-52 bombers on southbound flights off Taiwan’s east coast, the military said. The US Navy also had live-fire missile tests in the Philippine Sea.

“The public can rest assured of our ability to uphold national security,” Chang stressed out.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump signs Taipei Act to support Taiwan’s international relations which China expresses its strong indignation and firmly opposes the bill.


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