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No need for lockdown in Taiwan amid COVID-19 pandemic: Health expert, Taiwan VP

Taiwan will try its very best to refrain from a lockdown as more and more countries have taken drastic measures over the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Lee Ping-Ing, President of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan said it is better to avoid a shutdown given the disruption it would bring to people’s lives and to the economy, in a report by Radio Taiwan International.

Instead, prevention efforts should be the focus. These efforts include steps like making sure people disinfect their hands when entering and leaving restaurants or movie theaters, and banning all indoor events that would put large numbers of people in close quarters.

Taiwan currently has a low number of cases, most of which are traceable, and that there is therefore no need to lock the country down said Taiwan Vice President and medical expert Chen Chien-jen in an interview with Central News Agency.

If a national lockdown is deemed necessary, two million people will be affected in Taipei City alone, Chen added.

Additionally, Taiwan has issued the highest Level 3 travel alert for all countries to avoid its citizens in travelling. Taiwan already ban the entry of any foreign nationals in the country to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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