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Taipei will be prepared if placed on lockdown, could affect two million people

Taiwan's capital Taipei will be prepared if it is placed on lockdown due to the escalating coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic according to city Mayor Ko Wen-je.

According to Mayor Ko, Taiwan's central government has the authority to decide whether Taipei residents should hunker down to fight the pandemic, reported by Taiwan News.

The city have prepared plans to respond in case that scenario happens. Taipei currently has the most number of COVID-19 positive among the cases.

“We are mostly doing tabletop exercises and will need to discuss the details with the central government," said Mayor Ko.

Taipei urged residents to wear face masks on public transportation, Ko said that during his recent MRT and bus rides, he had seen 98 percent of the passengers wearing masks.

Taiwan currently has a low number of cases, most of which are traceable, and that there is therefore no need to lock the country down, said Vice President Chen Chien-jen in a CNA interview.

If a national lockdown is deemed necessary, two million people will be affected in Taipei City, the vice president added.


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