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Senator Pimentel may face numerous law cases if complaints emerge after breaching quarantine protocols

Netizens are now protesting online for a case to be filed to Koko Pimentel after bringing his pregnant wife in the hospital  and breaching quarantine guidelines last Tuesday night, March 24 when he was also notified positive with COVID-19.

A lawyer said Pimentel could possibly held liable for violation of RA11332 for non-disclosure of his status as PUI/COVID-19 Positive; RA9271 for violating enhanced quarantine regulation.

Also Article IX, Section 1 of the Constitution and Section 4 of RA 6713 for the accountability and Obligation to Uphold Public Interest As Public Officer and; Civil Liability for Torts & Quasi-Delicts – Articles 20, 21, 27 and 2176, Civil Code.

He could also be subjected to criminal negligence and disobedience to agents of a person in authority mentioned in Article 365 and Article 151 of the Revised Penal Code.

Additionally, Suspension or Expulsion as Member of the Senate for Unparliamentary Behavior - Section 93 in relation to Section 97 of the Rules of Senate; Disbarment or Suspension of Membership with the Philippine Bar – Code of Professional Responsibility.

And during this "epidemic or other public calamity", one could also possibly argue, Murder under Article 248 (4) of the Revised Penal Code.

The Department of Justice on other hand, said it "temper" the law with compassion and will not investigate Pimentel for his alleged breach of home quarantine protocol unless it receives a complaint.

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