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Philippines suggested Broker's Fee should be paid by Taiwanese employers, not the Filipino workers

Taiwan and Philippines negotiated at discuss several issues involving the welfare of Filipino workers in Taiwan that is set in a annual labor meeting in Taipei on Monday.

Though the agreement was reached on only a limited number of topics, as Philippines raised its concers about the brokerage fees handled by the Filipino workers.

The two countries agreed to continue discussing issues related to fees incurred in the hiring of Filipino workers. This is to protect the interests of both employers and employees, according to the labor ministry of Taiwan.

The fees in question include brokerage fees, which the Philippines suggested should be covered by Taiwanese employers instead of the Filipino worker.

Currently brokerage fees are paid monthly that costs NT$1,800 for the first year of working in Taiwan, NT$1,700 in the second year and NT$1,500 in the final year.

Though some big companies, specifically factory jobs already take away the broker's fee.



  1. Sana nga, kawawa nman tayo lalo na pag walang overtime dami pa kaltas.

  2. True dapat lng ang employer ang mag nayad ng brokers fee hnd ang mga ofw

  3. True dapat lng ang employer ang mag bayad ng brokers fee hnd mga ofw

  4. Yes dapat lang po na shoulder ng employer ang brokers fee kz sila nmn ang nangangailngan ng serbisyo ng broker. At sila nmn po ang dapat mag bayad kz wala silang time mag asikaso ng papel ng worker. Kaya inaasa sa broker so dapat sila ang mag bayad.

  5. Dapat sila ang mag bayad kz ang home base d kasama sa standard law pag taas ng sahod hindi kami.kasamang mga caretake pero pag taas ng mga bayarin tulad ng health insurance kasama kami. Tas my broker fee pa na dapat employer ang mag babayad kz sila nmn ang my kailngan ng service ng broker kz inaasa lahat sa broker

  6. Sana nga kc kwentahin mo ung 1800 every year tpos mabbawasan lang ng 100 sa pangalawang taon mo dito at pangatlo laking pera din un .. Ok n sana khit 500 singilin nila ... Pero ms mainam kung wala

  7. Walang salary increase ang mga CT kaya dapat lang employer na magbayad ng brokers fee


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