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Taiwan's design for Taoyuan airport for terminal 3 finalized, construction begins mid-2020

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport announced on Friday that the construction of new terminal will begin on May 2020. Photo is the proposed design for the third terminal.

The completion of the new terminal is expected by 2023 according to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of Taiwan. The terminal 3 of the airport is accessible from terminal 2.

The total construction time for the Terminal 3 of Taiwan's main airport  is expected to be about 39 months, starting in mid-to-late 2020 and finished construction by end of 2023, then opening by early 2024.

The previous design of the Terminal 3 was dropped Terminal 3 becaus it is too expensive and no companies have bid on the project. 

Simplifying the design out of cost concerns, safety and functionality must not be sacrificed on the key infrastructure project according to Transportation Minister Lin Chia-lung.


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