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Scholars claims that English language was derived and a dialect of Mandarin

Scholars from World Civilization Research Association claims that the international language English and all European language are derived or dialects of “Mandarin”, report by Liberty Times.

English words derive from Mandarin, for example “yellow” resembles Mandarin for “leaf falling because it is the color of autumn and “heart” resembles “core” according to Vice President and Secretary-General Zhai Guiyun of the association.

The secretary general also claimed that Russian, French, German, and other European-based languages, which he concluded and proves that English and all European language are in fact dialect of Mandarin.

Apart from language, association member Zhu Xuansh claimed that Western civilization is a “sub-civilization” or part of Chinese culture. He said that all are based on Chinese history.

World Civilization Research Association set up branches in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Thailand, South Korea, and Madagascar for the world to know the truth regarding “history”.


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