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40 companies in Taiwan put workers on unpaid leave due to effects of coronavirus

The Ministry of Labor (MOL) said the number of workers on unpaid leave in Taiwan jumps to 1,604 in the last two weeks of February due to the effect of coronavirus to the economy.

From number of workers in unpaid leave spiked from 735 to 1,604 per MOL statistics. Three companies go back to business but 21 decided to put workers on forced leave.

There are now 40 companies in Taiwan implementing the unpaid leave to the workers according to MOL data.

Most businesses are in the metal/electromechanical industry, including the manufacturers of parts and components and machine tools.

Most of the companies are small enterprises or family businesses that employs at least 50 employees and their unpaid leave programs typically last for less than three months.

Currently, Taiwan listed 41 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 12 already recovers.


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