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Ex-Guard hostage taker in PH expressed anger and accused his superiors of corruption

Former security guard Archie Paray took more than 30 others hostage in a day-long siege in a shopping mall in San Juan Greenhills.

Paray complained that he had been fired from his job and demanded the resignation of four executives from the shopping mall's security company, SASCOR Armor Security.

Additionally, he asked to talk to several of his former colleagues via video chat and for a public apology from the company. Both demands were met and the hostages had released.

Paray expressed anger at a "corrupt system in the company" and claimed that the firm "looks down on us security guards."

Six company directors jointly resigned from their positions in the company to settle and give solution to the problem.

After releasing all the hostages, he mad a news conference and said that he had acted because he was angry at the practices of the security company and that it was rife with corruption.

Paray was arrested and taken away by heavily armed members of the SWAT branch of the Manila Police.


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