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President Duterte declared Public Health Emergency to prevent spread of coronavirus

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared a nationwide public health emergency following confirmation of the country's first community transmission of the disease, presidential aide and Senator Bong Go said.

The Department of Health said the country had recorded its first coronavirus case of local transmission and called for measures to contain its spread, Manila Times reported.

Under Republic Act 11332, a public health emergency refers to an “occurrence of an imminent threat of an illness or health condition which could pose a high probability of a large number of deaths…widespread exposure to an infectious agent.”

The Public Health Emergency is with accordance with the recommendations of the Philippine Department of Health (DoH) and his chair of the Senate Health Committee.

Health officials believe that the state of emergency will make it easier for those involved to obtain financial resources to control the spread of novel coronavirus in the country.

Duterte has agreed to declare a health emergency following the latest development.

Currently, Philippines recorded 20 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus, where half are Filipinos.



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