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Taiwan plans to make mask available online as daily production to hit 10million pieces per day

Taiwan is planning to make surgical masks available online as production of the masks in the country will hit 10million pieces per day according to Health Minister and CECC head Chen Shih-chung.

Masks, specifically surgical are in high demand to combat the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. Obtaining masks online still under the rationing system of the country.

The number of masks has increased to 3 pieces a week, there are still long lines outside the pharmacies in urban areas every day with many people complaining that they couldn't get the product due to lack of time to stand in line.

The Executive Yuan has started testing another way of distributing the masks by allowing people to order them online and will get them via convenience stores.

Surplus masks found in rural pharmacies will be made available for people to order and if everything goes well, it should start soon.

Authorities are still conducting tests on how to carry out the online face mask ordering system, with more details scheduled to be announced.


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