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Bus passenger in Taiwan dragged while stuck outside the door

A female high school student surnamed Huang in Taipei boarded a Sanchong bus. When she got off the bus, she was suddenly caught with her backpack and handshaft in the door. As a result, she was dragged when the bus was on the move. The passengers in the bus yelled to stop the bus and the driver immediately stopped and opened the door. 

According to Huang, the door was closed directly after walking down the stairs, causing her body and backpack to be caught by the door. The driver just drove without noticing.  She was completely unable to move due to her body being clamped at the time. 

She was dragged for nearly 2 seconds because her feet were hanging in the air, which made her very scared.

In this regard, the passengers said that it was suspected that the driver closed the door too quickly, and he was deeply sorry for this. The accident was caused by the driver closing the door too early, SOP training will be strengthened in the future.


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