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Eat-all-you-can for NT$290? Visit My Steak Zhonghe Restaurant in New Taipei

My Steak Zhonghe restaurant in New Taipei opened last August 4th. Customers can enjoy more than 80 kinds of meals at the self-service buffet bar for NT$290. It is totally a "steal" for the price and to the number of dishes available.

For meals, steaks start at NT$310, and you can enjoy free meals on the buffet bar if you order steaks. If you just want to eat at the buffet bar, the fee is NT$290. Most customers come for the buffet bar.

The self-service bar has cooked food area (10 types of dishes), fried food area (8 types), cold dishes area (10 types of dishes), steamer area (6 types of dishes), stew area (4 types of dishes), lettuce area (10 types), the fruit area (19 types), the soup area (2 types), the beverage area and the ice cream area are also available for unlimited supply.

In addition, the cooked food area also has roast duck. The most popular dish in the cold dish area is shrimps. The steamer area where you can eat xiaolongbao, siomai and rice noodles is also very popular.

My Steak Zhonghe Restaurant (我家牛排中和店)
Tel: (02) 2240-5530 Address: 
No. 92, Jianyi Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City
( 地址:新北市中和區建一路92號 )


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