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Health expert estimates 300 to 600 asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers inside Taiwan

One of the leading epidemiologist estimates that there are at least 300-600 potentially asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers in Taiwan, after a Japanese student, Thai worker and a Belgian national test positive of COVID-19.

Dr. Ho Mei-shang (Dr. Michelle Ho) of Academia Sinica's Institute of Biomedical Sciences made a post which estimated that there are likely 300 to 600 people in Taiwan.

The number of asymptomatic people was calculated based on the immigration office statistics of departing air passengers in June only.

"People would naturally come to think that the two cases might not be the exceptions and want to know how many asymptomatic carriers on the island could be spreading the virus in local communities," said Dr Ho.

The 300-600 asymptomatic people might be the start of community spread in the fall and winter or during the cold weather. In the coming winter season, it is the time that Taiwan's capability to control community transmission.

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