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Overtourism now a problem for locals of Taiwan's outlying island

Local governments are now seeking for a solution to better balance tourism promotion and environmental conservation, as influx of visitors is being observed on Taiwan’s outlying islands.

Due to the suspension of international travel during the pandemic, overtourism took place on some of the scenic sites of Taiwan such as the Green Island (Ludao) and Orchid Island (Lanyu), which are both volcanic islands off the southeastern coast of the country. 

According to the CNA, more than 100,000 visitors were recorded between July 15-30 on Green Island, a 15 square kilometer island with a population of only 2,600. Streets were also reported crowded with motorcycles and stores are about to run out of stocks soon.

With this, locals are complaining about the environment and daily life being disturbed by the massive number of tourists. Many are also thinking about imposing a cap on tourist numbers to limit the number of travelers in the Green island.

However, East Coast National Scenic Area Administration said, a further assessment and consensus is needed  whether or not to set a limit or charge on visitors.

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