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Brighten your day with the most colorful and abundantly decorated church in Taiwan

Touted with the beauty and unusual nature of a Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church in Pingtung's Taiwu Township. Construction of just completed last October.

“This is such a gorgeous church. It is in an aboriginal community in Pingtung, so there is no need to take a flight to Europe to see beautiful churches,” said Pingtung Magistrate Pan Men-an, reported by CNA.

Calling the church an incredible part of Pingtung, she posted photos of the church showing the interior and the altar and was described as "European style."

The church will be the 12th in Pingtung to be designed by Pastor Dominic Tu, a member of the indigenous Rukai tribe. 

There were more little-known churches with interesting characteristics in Pingtung’s mountain villages.

Among them is the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in the county’s Wutai Township, designed by Tu in 1984 which is listed among the top 100 of the world’s churches of special interest.


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