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Migrant worker in Miaoli suffered carbon monoxide poisoning after burning charcoal inside dormitory

An Indonesian migrant workers suffered a carbon monoxide poisoning and became unconcious after burning charcoal inside the poorly ventilated dormitory in Tunglou Township, Miaoli.

The victim and three other Indonesians tried to seek warmth from low temperatures by burning charcoal in their dormitory last Sunday, according to the report by Central News Agency.

Three of them soon started feeling dizzy and nauseous, while the other fell unconscious where the migrant worker has undergone hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Carbon monoxide, a colourless, odourless gas, had leaked from the extinguished barbecue, proper ventilation must be installed when dking it inside the home. Use basic carbon-based fuels such as coal, wood and dung to cook and heat their homes. (Photo CNA)


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