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Migrant workers in Taiwan shares experiences of unfair practices by brokers

Migrant worker groups in Taiwan are calling for the government to abolish the broker system to free migrant workers from exploitation by manpower agencies that gives them a lot of fees to pay the brokers, reports CNA.

A 33-year-old Filipina who used to work as a nursing aide in Taiwan, expressed a concern and shares that Filipinos have to borrow money to pay for the huge placement fees in different agencies before coming and working to Taiwan.

An Indonesian migrant worker said that her broker has charged her NT$4,800 just to renew her passport, but the actual is only less than NT$1,000.

"The brokers benefit only themselves and create a burden for migrant workers," the Filipino migrant worker said.

The Migrants Empowerment Network in Taiwan has compiled all of these problems and published them in book. (Photo CNA)


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