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Filipino seafarers save an American national in the middle of Atlantic Ocean

 A 62-year-old American man has nothing but gratitude to a group of Filipino seafarers who save him in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean last November 29.

According to Stuart Bee, he was just sailing in the ocean when water suddenly went inside his boat.

For this reason, his boat turned upside down so he tried his best to hold on the part that is still above the water until a container ship with Filipino seafarers passed by.

According to Lacruise Relativo, one of the crews in the ship, Bee was very  thankful for them for saving and taking care of him.

Even though many think that what they did is a heroic act, Relativo explained that they were just doing their responsibility to help people especially in times of need.

“Maybe that Stuart Bee can be your friend or neighbor that needs help. We have a duty to make and we need to answer the call, be it giving or helping someone," said Relativo.


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  1. Mabait nman talaga mga Pinoy dala nila ang paging matulungin khit saan sila sa Mundo.


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