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Woman made out to public in Kaohsiung even testing positive of COVID-19 after quarantine

The Kaohsiung City Health Bureau pointed out that recently a Filipina woman who returned to Taiwan from Philippines turns out to be possible COVID-19 carrier.

The woman already finished her quaratine and undergoes another 7-day self health management but she went out before the report was released that turns out to be COVID-19 positive.

The woman had a hot pot for dinner wand it lasted for 1.5 hours. In response, the Health Bureau imposed a fine in accordance with the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Act.

She went to a hospital for self-financed screening according to the regulations and undergo another 7-day independent health management. However, before the results of the second inspection report came out, she went out with 9 people on the same day  Colleagues have a hot pot dinner for 1.5 hours.

Not only did she not wear a mask, but she also shared tables and meals with colleagues. This behavior may not only cause health hazards to colleagues and others  , 9 colleagues who were in contact at the same table were also exposed to the risk of virus transmission. 

If someone fail to comply with various autonomous health management regulations, you will violate Articles 48 and 58 of the "Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Act", and you will be charged NT$60,000 to NT$300,000.

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