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Caregiver in Taiwan, charged with negligent homicide in the death of a elderly Taiwanese

A migrant caregiver (Indonesian) in Miaoli County, Taiwan has been charged with negligent homicide over the death of a Taiwanese elderly woman last week according to local police department.

The elderly woman who suffered a stroke went to the toilet in the middle of the night and fell to the side of the bed. The foreign nurse did not actively support her.

The old woman struggling on the ground hit her head against the edge of the bed and died of intracranial hemorrhage.  

The family members reviewed the surveillance images and accused the foreign workers for not taking good care of them; the prosecutors checked each other and sent the case for death due to negligence.  

The caregiver insisted that "Grandma didn't fall and Grandma didn't hit her head." He did not do her responsibility immediately. The family members were not notified in time after the incident, and the rescue time was missed, causing the death of the elderly. (Photo: CNA)


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