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More than 30 persons under self-monitoring for COVID-19 are within New Year's eve celebration

Taipei City Government announced that more than 30 people are around the concert venue of the New Year's eve celebration in Taipei.

More than 30 individuals who had not completed their period of self-monitoring had been located “at the periphery” of the New Year’s Eve party accoring to Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan, in a report by CNA.

Their presence was detected by the government electronics system that covers a radius of 650 meters where they can track who are under qurantine or self health management.

Additionally, five Taiwanese nationals who reportedly attended the year-end concert held by local pop band Mayday will be fined for going out while under self health management.

Taiwan recently detected two cases of the new mutant strain of the virus originating from the United Kingdom and banned non-Taiwanese from enetering country with exemptions.


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