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Two people in Yilan die possibly due to cold temperature and their history of diseases

In the morning of January 8th, two elderly in their 80s with a history of diabetes and hypertension in Yilan were found in bed by their family members who were motionless, not breathing and no heartbeat. 

The family members made an emergency call to revive the elderly. However, the two people were already declared dead. Whether it was fatal in cold weather, the cause of death remains to be clarified.

Their family members are surprised that bot elderly die suddenly in their sleep, ETtoday reported.

According to statistics from the Yilan Health Bureau, due to low temperature and cold surge, a total of 4 patients with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases that may be caused by low temperature were admitted to the emergency hospital.

Possibly elderly cannot withstand too much cold and have a history of diabetes and hypertension, and they are both in their 80s.


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