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Baguio's famous ube jam 'mastermind', Sr. Fidelis Atienza, dies at 102


Sr. Fidelis Atienza, Religious of the Good Shepherd who known for creating the famous ube jam in Baguio City, dies at the age of 102.

Atienza died at Good Shepherd Community in Quezon City after 66 years of religious life, according to a Facebook post from her congregation.

The Religious of the Good Shepherd also recalled Atienza's founding of a Marian bakery in 1960, that paved the way for "delectable 'crispies,' the forerunner of today's angel cookies."

They called her the "mastermind" behind Baguio's famous Good Shepherd ube jam, which helped the church send young students to school.

The congregation also stated that Atienza, also known as Sr. Fides, spent the majority of her life in Tagaytay's Maryridge Retreat House, accompanying thousands of people who come for prayer and counseling.

She moved to Quezon City when she turned a centuries later and spent most of her time in silent communion with the Good Shepherd, whom she had adored her entire life.

“The children in the compound were very fond of their oldest playmate; she was a delight and a source of joy to everyone whom she met,” the post said. 

Her ashes will be cremated in the chapel of Good Shepherd Convent, with a private wake and service.


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