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Father delivers newspapers to save money for son's shirt


The real love of parents is willing to sacrifice everything for sake of the family especially when their children needs something.

Just like the story of this father who works to deliver newspaper,  this is a honorable job but it is a small salary.

However, this is not a hindrance to Federico Emperado to buy T-shirt for his son named Franco, 12-year- old kid.

Remie Mark Baon who shares the story and a picture of the father and his son in social media, Remie is the owner of shop in Biñan, Laguna wherein tatay Federico buys his shirt.

According to Remie Mark, he notice that tatay Federico comes back in his shop and always walking around his shop, he's looking for the shirt and planning to buy the shirt for his son Franco.

"Im happy for the father and his son because i noticed that money of the father is just a really small amount, so i gave a discount to the father," Remie said in post.

Story of Federico's wife, Nanay Florentina, she was forced to stop working just to take care of their sick child. Tatay Federico, on the other hand, only makes a living by delivering newspapers, so life is really hard for them.

Despite this, her husband allegedly tried to save even it took almost a month just to buy clothes for their beloved child.


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