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Philippines tells the world: Migrant rights are human rights

The Philippines called on the international community to look at the human dimension of upskilling migrants and not as mere tool for increasing productivity.

Skilling of migrants affords significant opportunities for human development, security and growth, noting that at the center of migration is a living, breathing human being, Chief of Presidential Protocol and Presidential Assistant on Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Robert E.A. Borje stressed.

“President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s policy guidance remains clear and explicit — protect the rights and ensure the welfare of all Filipinos overseas," Borje said.

"He declared, ‘The Filipino is no slave to anyone, anywhere and everywhere’. He recognized our migrant workers’ heroism and their contributions to socio-economic development at home and in their countries of residence," Borje added.

The Philippines was able to positively influence the more than 200 participants of the forum to look at the human face of migration by raising three basic points close to the heart of the country’s migration agenda when it comes to skilling of Filipino migrants. 

Undersecretary Borje reiterated that the Philippines is ready to work with all stakeholders on skilling migrants, both sending and receiving states, to promote migrants’ rights– their human rights– to uphold the world’s collective dignity as one human family.

The statements came from the 13th Summit of the Global Forum on Migration and Development, during the roundtable discussions on “Skilling Migrants for Employment”.


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