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Dimples Romana gives house maid new house after 17 years of hardwork


It is a big help when you have a maid in the house  because all works inside the house can handle by maid alone, that’s why it is a blessing to have maid they can help parents to care their children and we can say that they are part of the Family.


Even if they are  not related by blood, they treat their maid as part of the family, their dedication to work and care for family is truly incredible work of maid.


According to the story of actress Dimples Romana that this maid is ate Vilma that she works for almost 17 years that’s why they are so close to each other.


“Thru hardship and happiness we were together, She has been with us for 17 years, since I and Papa Boyet married and have a family, she was with us” Dimples said in an interview.

Ate V is with Dimples when she is working in studio or sometimes in shooting ate V is there to support Dimples, “ I would always ask her and tell her if she wants to leave us because we struggle to give her salary, and yet through thick and thin, she didn’t leave us behind.” added Dimples to the story.


That’s why Dimples trusted ate V and be part of her family, in the latest vlog of Dimples they include ate V to surprise her and give the new house of ate V.


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