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Security guard, only eats onion, garlic for his meal

Trending on social media that the security guard his meal for lunch is onion and garlic, he needs to limit his money just to fit his money for a week.

In the hardships of life today especially in this time of pandemic many of our countrymen needs to limit their money so that they will not suffer and to give beautiful life in his family.

This security guard is a must idolize by the millennials nowadays because of his love and care for his family, 90% of his salary will give to family and rest of 10% needs to fit until the next salary.

Many people on social media their heart was melt because of the picture of security guard and other was amaze and inspired by the works of security guard.

The picture of the security guard, it almost reach to 17,000 reacts and 15,000 shares in Facebook, Picture was shared by Bakud Borbon Facebook page.

We all need to be strong in this pandemic to survive this kind of virus and we all need to pray and pray and pray above.


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