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Ivana Alawi tears because of street vendor's kindness

In this time of COVID-19 pandemic, we need to support each other because many Filipinos have lost their jobs and still struggling to find money in their wallets, where celebrity Ivana Alawi disguises herself as a beggar and pretends that she wants to return home in Baguio City on Sunday.


We can see in Ivana Alawi's vlog that there are still people who are unable to support homeless people and there are other people who are willing to share their limited amounts of money to help the poor.


In her content, if you offer a certain number, she will multiply it by 1000, for example if you give her a 5 pesos she will give you a 5,000 pesos, One of Ivana Alawi's most memorable moments happened when Mang Joselito, a seller of "kutsinta" and "puto," gave 20 pesos and also he offers a soft drinks to feed the stomach of Miss Ivana Alawi.

Finally, you can see Ivana Alawi's eyes well up in tears because of mang Joselito's generosity and golden heart. No one will stop mang Joselito because he really wants to help the beggar, all of us are financially unstable, but there are many of us willing to help the poor in whatever way we can.


This came about as a result of a viral video, which we called a "Social Experiment" but Ivana Alawi's experiment is unique. We also see a previous video/vlog in which she gives a helmet and money to delivery riders which serve as frontline workers in our country.


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