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Chop your stress away with Knife massage or Dao Liao in Taiwan

Knife massage or dao liao in Taiwan is a famous tradition in Chinese culture. The tradition almost dying in China and Japan but not in Taiwan where it is kept to be alive until today’s generation.

The knife blades are totally dull, there is zero chance of being sliced. The metal blades are aimed in a quick, chopping motion, apparently removing negative energy while they strike your pressure points and relax your muscles.

It is believed that knife massage has the following benefits:

1. It makes your body parts more relaxed

2. The tool reaches deep into the muscles and improves blood circulation and gives youthful glow

3. It helps unlock your acupuncture points

4. The knife strikes off negative energy from the body

5. The process offers vast relief from sore muscles

6. Methodical series of chopping motions bring an instant glow to your facial muscles

7. The heavy blades feels good when gently smacked on palms and back

8. Helps to wash away harmful toxins

9. It purportedly enhance metabolism and sleeping quality

10. Can be aid in fat loss

According to historians, Chinese Buddhist monks in the Han and Tang Dynasties would offer knife massages to the severely ill if other medicine failed to show results.

Knife massage in Taiwan can be found around the Taipei Main Station’ underground City Mall while some are in Night markets. Price of knife massage starts at NT$220 which focuses on different parts of the body.

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