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POEA: Use of fake documents may lead to deportation and blacklisting

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) always reiterates and warned workers and applicants against submitting falsified or fake documents in applying for overseas jobs.

Commonly used fake documents include fake employment certificates, altered birth certificates, marriage contracts, medical certificates and school credentials like diploma and TOR.

In some cases, these fake documents are perpetrated by some licensed recruitment agencies with the consent of the workers for compliance purposes.

The malpractice endangers the welfare of OFWs and exposes them to possible deportation, detention and blacklisting which could deny them future employment in other countries, POEA said.

POEA cautioned recruitment agencies to perform due diligence in verifying the authenticity of documents submitted by job applicants for overseas jobs.

Both workers and recruitment agencies should be aware of possible administrative and criminal liabilities arising from violation of relevant laws and rules and regulation on overseas employment, POEA warned.


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