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Factory worker crushed by forklift in Tainan's Yongkang District; did not survive

An Indonesian migrant worker in Yongkang District Tainan dies after being crushed by a forklift stacker, with severe laceration on abdomen he was not able to survive.

When the 20-year-old surnamed Liu was driving the forklift in the factory, it was running on high speed and reversing too fast while the fork was too high. The high speed cause the forklift to turni over to the side and crushing the worker. 

The other migrant workers standing on the side were also injured.

The Indonesian migrant worker was crushed by the forklift, causing a fracture, injury in lower abdominal pelvis, and a large area of ​​laceration in the abdomen. 

When the police and ambulance personnel arrived, they rescued the Indonesian migrant workers. They rushed him to the hospital for emergency treatment, but did not survive.

The police are still clarifying the details of the cause of the incident as they already got the CCTV footage from the company.


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