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Health experts advised to avoid feeding children with instant noodles and processed foods

Department of Health Disease Prevention and Control Bureau officer-in-charge, Dr. Anthony Calibo, urged parents to avoid giving instant noodles and processed foods to young children.

“In complementary feeding, this is when a child starts feeding at six months old, don't give a child food with artificial coloring and flavors. If you think these harm you as an adult, more likely these are going to harm your kids,” Dr. Calibo said.

“If they're high in sodium, it is going to be unhealthy for the baby's kidney,” added by Dr. Calibo.

Additionally, Dr. Azucena Dayanghirang executive director of National Nutrition Council said instant noodles still does have nutritional value.

“We tell manufacturers to reformulate their products, huwag masyado damihan ang asin. Noodles as the most affordable for households, we tell them to add mga gulay like kalabasa, malunggay, itlog din pwede (vegetables like squash, malunggay, egg also),” Dayanghirang said.

Health experts advised that instant noodles must be eaten sparingly and not frequently, they also urged parents to prepare meals ahead of time to keep children on consuming those products.


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