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Experience driverless shuttles during the 2019 SEA Games in New Clark City

Southeast Asian Games spectators, athletes and officials from the different venues in the New Clark City sports hub may experience a high-tech ride and aboard self-driving shuttle busses.

A total of hree Coast P1 electric, self-driving shuttles will roam around the New Clark City sports hub. The Coast P1 autonomous vehicle (AV) can fit up to 14 passengers, and can go up to 45 kilometers an hour.

The self driving vehicles were manufactured by US-based mobility company Coast Autonomous, arrived Thursday at NCC for pilot testing.

14 passengers can be accommodated by each shuttle, which have sensors of high definition, 3D mapping machines, to be able to roam the roads and weave around objects.

“We have a series of sensors in artificial intelligence and machine learning and robotics. That’s basically how it operates, and so we use sensors, 7 different kinds of techniques, for the vehicle to know where it is. Through sensor fusion, we can pile those different techniques and knows what to operate,” said Coast Autonomous CEO David Hickey in a report by ABS-CBN.

The shuttles are charged daily, in the morning they have checklist like checking functions. There is very few maintenance, no more mechanic side because it’s fully electric. (Photo by BCDA)


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