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Nantou records 15.5 degrees temperature; will fall to 14 degrees in the next 3 days

Affected by the cooling effect of northeast monsoon, the lowest temperature early morning today (Nov 9) recorded at 15.5 °C in Nantou, according to Central Weather Bureau.

According to the forecaster of the Central Meteorological Bureau, the temperature has a chance ls to drop to 14 degrees in the next 3 days, though the temperature will rise as the sun appears and the temperature difference is at 10 degrees.

The water vapor is reduced making it a dry and cool weather as most places will be cloudy and sunny, CWB added.

The temperature in the early morning and late night is about 16-21 degrees while daytime temperature his about 24-27 in the north and east and the high temperature in the central and southern part will be more than 25 degrees. 


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