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Migrant workers in Taiwan rallied to end broker system and to enforce govt to govt hiring

Migrant workers from Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam rally in Taipei on Nov 3 and demand the end of all placement agencies or broker system that implements in Taiwan.

Aside from the demand to abolish the broker system, migrant workers also request the enforcement government-to-government hiring system.

"Abolish the brokerage system, we want G2G" (government to government), rallied outside the Indonesia Economic and Trade Office (IETO), the Manila Cultural and Economic Office (MECO) and the Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office (VECO), all in Taipei, reported by CNA.

"The brokers do not help us in times of need, but they continue siphoning off our hard-earned salaries, which are supposed to be sent home to our families," according to Filipino protester.

Migrant workers in Taiwan always perform rally and unite just to end the broker system ever since. Though broker system in Taiwan is a law that needs to follow by companies and other institutes.

Placement agencies or brokers in Taiwan are not allowed to collect placement fees from migrant workers. They are only allowed to charge service fees which are NT$1,800 on first year, NT$1,700 on second year and NT$1,500 on third year.


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