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Tainan's Minxiong Ghost House claimed the scariest haunted house in Taiwan

Probably the creepiest place to visit would be the Minxiong Ghost House located in Chiayi County's Minxiong Township. The house has been crowned as the scariest haunted house in Taiwan.

The Minxiong Haunted House is one of the most well-known haunted locations in Taiwan. The owner is merchant Liu Rong-yu, a known wealthy landowner.

Abandoned sometime during the 1950s, the mansion has been absorbed by the surrounding Banyan trees, with their roots sprawling across the old brick house.

According to stories and supernatural events surrounding the abandoned mansion.

The most popular story is a maid secretly had an affair with the owner, but the wife discovered the affair and she tortured the maid. The maid committed suicide by drowning herself in a well and from that day, her spirit haunt the halls of the mansion.

The other story, after retreating to the island of Taiwan during the Chinese Civil War, some KMT soldiers staying at the Minxiong mansion began committing suicide one-by-one.

If you are brave enough, visit the Minxion Ghost House in Chiayi.


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